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Jeremy Melelak is here!

I met Jeremy in prison.

Yep, i met him in Honor dorm on 2-side at Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon. We were both in prison for stabbing somebody, only the guy he stabbed died. He was serving a 25 year sentence, and he still is actually.

He noticed that i had a guitar, we went to the rec room to play, and that's when i quickly learned that this guy had some serious talent. He was and still is the singer-songerwriter-guitarist-drummer-producer-frontman, and entertainer, of his band called Another Bay Day. One of many bands that he has put together over the years both in prison and before he started his set. A few ping pong games and guitar lessons later and we were quick friends.

Fast forward a few years and i'm done with my 90 months for 1st degree assault, and Jeremy is, of course, still inside doing his thing... As of today he is now in Oregon State Prison in Salem leading a band called Bad Apple. Most of the songs that they play were written entirely by Jeremy, but the other members who covered for him are very talented themselves and can be seen in LMNO Record's Video page.

Thinking back to when i first met him at Snake, I can say that i was definitely a fan of his music from the begininng. Why else would i get out, Start an online record label, and contact Jeremy Metelak with a record deal in hand? And what an Honor it has been to have him sign it! My first signed artist as a records label owner!

Welcome Jeremy, I glad your on my team! I got you bro!

-Mike Didier AKA Elimino-



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